This is me.

To keep or swap for something for the track with more power. #decisions

Dope looking photo from Sunday.

Anonymous: Dude you are the laziest cunt ever lol.. bought a 20e skidder then added a bumper and when everything got tough you decide to sell it? bhahaha i think you should just stick to whatever it is you know

Sorry what got tough?
I’m looking to either make money or to track it. So if anythings ‘tough’ it’ll be flicking it off and making $1500 in what, 2 weeks of owning a car I won’t be the one complaining.
Yet keep net banging my friend LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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Thinking to make money on my skyline and buy something more track ready or do mine up.

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So filthy. Why aren’t you sold already 😐

New bumper thanks too @aaron_drty2


Only just found these from a few years ago at a track day. R33 pickup was crazy

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Starting to look alright, sadly it keeps running even with a light coat

Been wanting to paint something this colour for a while. Thought i’d try it on my spare rocker cover.